Sexual Discrimination

You're Not Alone

It is against the law to discriminate against anyone in the workplace because of their sex or sexual preference.

We have experienced staff ready now to evaluate your claim and work with you on achieving a positive outcome. We assure you our staff are caring and ready to listen, many of whom have been in your shoes and understand what you are going through. If you have been treated in-favourably because of sexual related issues please contact us immediately so we can be of assistance. 

Sexual Discrimination

We are here to stand by your side

We represent every human being equally and strive for positive outcomes for all. Have you faced any of the following due to your gender, sexual preference? If so please contact immediately to discuss your options – 1800 333 666u00a0

  • Sexual Slurs
  • Sexist Jokes
  • Refused work
  • Refused Promotion
  • Unfair Dismissal / Fired
  • Paid Less
  • Refused Education
  • Treated unequally
  • Sexually Harassed

Proven Results

When it comes to workplace discrimination we have recovered multi-millions of dollars for clients mostly in settlements but in court as well. We are not afraid of any employer! We have won numerous cases that have not only impacted our clients lives but had profound impacts on the Australian Employment Law. We have been mentioned on television, in the newspaper and throughout internet media. Our job is to create a home for everybody where every worker gets a fair chance.

Stand up and make a change for the ones to follow.

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