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Racial Discrimination Lawsuits

If you have been denied equal treatment based on race or country of origin, you need to discuss your situation with an advisor. Because for victims of racial discrimination, formal complaints to the relevant federal or state body are the most effective way to obtain compensation and end discriminatory practices that may have gone unchallenged for decades.

Racial discrimination often occurs in association with housing, employment, and access to financial or other services. Our advisors know the ins and outs of racial discrimination lawsuits, so contact us for a free review of your case.

There are laws that protect workers against workplace racism and related discrimination.

These laws prohibits the employers and other employees from discriminating other people based on their race or ethnicity.

Unfortunately, cases of racial discrimination at work still happens in different organizations. You can detect racial discrimination when not hired, not promoted or fired because you belong to a certain race or ethnicity.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, you should not be discriminated based on your color or race. Again, you should not be harassed by the employer and other employees because of your race.

The harassment may be directed to you as racial jokes, isolation, workload, remarks.

Also, you could recognize racial discrimination through other signs. Its generally referred to under the Federal and various state laws in Australia, “different and or less favourable treatment”.

Do not confused in that employers must give you for favourable treatment because of your race. However they must “reasonably facilitate, adjust” for your race issues. I.e. your accent is bit hard to understand, or you’re not used to Australian cultural differences.

Workplace Behaviour

Even when the joke is funny and you even laugh about it, it can be offensive to you. When racial slurs or inappropriate names are directed to people from a certain ethnicity, it would be a sign of racial discrimination. Other signs include being denied promotion because of your skin color yet you deserve. You could also be discriminated against when your evaluation is based on your race and not performance, because they favour someone from a different race or colour.

When you have feeling or you are suspicious that you are being discriminated based on your colour, you should get advice, go to the human resources officer, if not sure who this is ask, the company should have equal opportunity policies and training on this. (unfortunately many don’t) If you’re not getting anywhere, or the company wants to cover your complaints up, not investigate it properly, or the investigation is one sided or wants to get rid of you because you complained, Call us, Immediately Get free advice, do not suffer in silence. You come to Australia for a good life, not a bad one. Our advisors will assess your situation, give you balanced advice and determine if there is any case in your claim, and how to vgo forward. You may want to stay at the company, you may want to leave, a lot of factors here, we are all individuals, everybody’s circumstances are different, we at A Whole New Approach understand that.

Successful Racism Claims

When there is a claim on the “balance of probabilities” (talk to us about this) that you were subjected to racial discrimination, you should receive financial compensation. Your compensation package will include lost benefits, and lost income among other financial losses, including monies for pain and suffering.

You will be required to provide evidence of racial discrimination, where you can. (emails, text messages, facebook postings, photos,  etc. (If you have no evidence, this doesn’t mean you do not have a claim). An experienced workplace representative will assist you in a number of ways.

Look into the matter.

Be aware not every unfair treatment reflects illegal discrimination. Such unfair treatment should, however, fall in the category of the law prohibiting racial discrimination. A professional advisor possess the knowledge to determine whether the employer or another employee discriminated you because of your race.

There are situations when determining racial discrimination is easier than others. However, an experienced representative will be able to detect racial discrimination even in when the situation seems complicated.

Examples of racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace can include:

  • Jokes about a particular race, even if you have found them funny or have laughed at them
  • Racial slurs or inappropriate names for certain races of people
  • Comments about race as it relates to work, such as saying a particular race is harder-working than another is or that one is known for being lazy
  • Being evaluated not on your work performance but on the color of your skin or your ethnicity
  • Being passed over for promotion based on your skin color or ethnicity
  • Being denied a promotion that you deserve based on your skin color or ethnicity
  • Not being hired because of your race or ethnicity.
  • Being isolated, being excluded from the work community. Example, not including you in the footy tipping competition, or invited to the hotel. Its assumed because of your nationality or color you will not be interested. Its your right to be asked, your denied this. The list of this type of racism is endless

There are several other forms racial discrimination can take, as well. Its complicated, I think you know that,  If you suspect that you’ve been the victim of this type of illegal behaviour, Call us today.

Don’t suffer in silence stand up for yourself, your family, your community.

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