Black Lives Matter

We at A Whole New Approach support the movement to reduce violence and loss of indigenous lives in police custody and the community. Time and time again though employees dismissals, terminations and discrimination I see the impact it has on indigenous people. Many people give up after the loss of a job, lose face, feel worthless, the system has let me down again. A job can give people respect, purpose, money, the ability to reduce the reliance on welfare and provide for their community. Take this away and many people will struggle.

We have to better / more than just march, its a start, it raises attention to the deaths in custody issue, This issue has been around along time, no progress has been made, we must make progress. How do we keep people out of custody to begin with? Better education, can lead to better job outcomes, and in turn longer term careers. Many indigenous people have very successful careers, but more is needed to break the chain and cycle of police and community issues that lead back to being in custody.

Between the COVID 19 and the dramatic down turn in the economy, it had made a lot of people scared of what the future holds. Mental health issues and domestic violence are increasing, thousands are being made redundant or being dismissed, in many cases unfairly. We all have to pull together, take care of each other as part of the community. Maintain purpose and a great purpose is to eradicate deaths in custody. Keep the spot light on the issue. Don’t confront the police, but pressure politicians for better training of police, better selection of police, more indigenous police. Instead of wanting to tare down the police department, make it better. Police are part of the community as well.

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