Asian Discrimination

Amid the high political tensions with China as Australia pushes for an inquiry into COVID-19, the racism experienced by our Asian-Australians is substantially on the rise. Preliminary reports into racial discrimination display alarming figures of racism against the Asians in Australia. The Asian Australian Alliance have conducted an important study and collected data that showed that racial discrimination most commonly occurred in the form of racial sluts and/or offensive name-calling.

What is even more shocking is that some have even reported being victims of verbal threats and physical intimidation, including in the form of spitting, sneezing or coughing in their direction. During these sensitive times with the high infection rates of COVID-19, these forms of racial abuse well cross the line of unlawful discrimination and go on to impose on the health of victims.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the frightening but equally frightening times of this global pandemic. However, we implore our fellow Australians to not wrongfully put the blame and take out our negative emotions on other Australians. In these trying times, it is imperative that we harbor a communitarian attitude as we fight this virus together and come out stronger and closer as a unified country.

Unlawful discrimination is protected under the laws of each State and Territory of Australia, and even the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) that the Commonwealth has enacted. Discrimination on the basis of race was one of the first attributes to be protected, not only in Australia but in the world, which goes to show its utmost importance in a well-functioning and developed country. Under the law, you are considered to have suffered discrimination if you have been subject to less favorable treatment on the basis of you having the protected attribute of a certain race, in comparison to a group who does not hold the same protected attribute as you. In simple terms, if you are treated in an unfavorable way because of your race, where another person who is not the same race as you has not, then you will be seen to be discriminated in the eyes of the law.

Discrimination can happen in any context – whether that be before you are employed somewhere, during your employment, in the supply of goods or services, and various other recognized situations. If you have experienced any kind of adverse treatment because of your race, whether it be related to COVID-19 or not, contact us immediately and see if we can help you protect your rights as an Australian resident or citizen. We live in a globalized world with an increasing acceptance and respect for all different races and cultures. You no longer need to tolerate any kind of discriminatory behavior and you should be compensated for any injury sustained as a result of unlawful behavior by others.

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