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Despite widespread media attention and public outcry, human rights and discrimination violations are still all too common. It can happen to you or a family member at any time, and it can have far-reaching effects on your life and future prospects.

Whether your civil rights have been violated by law by an employer, or a landlord or bank, A Whole New Approach P/L are ready to stand beside you and hold them accountable. Our experienced workplace staff are motivated by two things; getting you the compensation you deserve to make things right, and the knowledge that holding the powerful accountable for human rights and discrimination violations makes our society a safer place for all of us.

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Race or colour – sex & sexual orientation – age – physical or mental disability – marital status – family or carer’s responsibilities – pregnancy – religion – political opinion – national extraction or social origin – Domestic Abuse.

Workplace Discrimination Australia

Religious Discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against an existing employee or potential employee because of his/her nationality or religion.

Racial Discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against an existing employee or potential employee because of his/her race or skin colour.

Sexual Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against because of your gender or sexual preference reach out today.

Millions Recovered

2018 alone saw millions of dollars recovered for employees in the workplace and potential employees who had been discriminated against.

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We remain 2 steps ahead of every lawyer and workplace employer thanks to a very experienced team who have seen it all.

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Retaliation at work & how to Recognize it

Fear of retaliation at work prevents many employees from defending themselves against the abusive, discriminatory and illegal actions of their employers. Many employees would rather put up with discrimination, a hostile work environment, or accept being misclassified as an independent contractor or salaried employee, than risk alienating an employer and possibly even losing their jobs by asserting their rights. This is particularly the case, in the hard times we are currently experiencing.

A number of factors can make the decision to stand up to illegal employment practices a difficult one, but an employee should never be intimidated against taking action by the fear of retaliation at work. A series of federal and state laws exist to protect employees against any adverse or victimising action taken against them for engaging in a protected activity, such as filing a complaint or charge of discrimination with the Australian Human Rights Commission, or the Fair work Commission at the Federal level or on of the state based Human Rights or Equal Opportunity Commissions. The scope and options of this protection is broader than many realize.

It may seem common sense that an employer cannot fire an employee for filing a complaint. But many are not aware that the legal protection of employees extends much further. In fact, any good faith complaint of unlawful employment practices, such as harassment, discrimination, failure to provide accommodations for a disability, or failure to provide overtime, is considered protected. This includes internal complaints made directly to an employer or the company’s HR department. Complaining to an external state or federal agency, such as the, AHRC, FWC or EOC is also conduct that is protected from retaliation at work.

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Retaliation at Work is Not Limited to Termination

Perhaps more important than the definition of protected conduct is the definition of retaliation itself. Many employees simply don’t realize that any form of retaliation at work is illegal and actionable—it’s not necessary that an employee lose her job. As the Federal Court constantly holds, if an adverse action is severe enough that it would have “dissuaded a reasonable worker from making or supporting a charge of discrimination? that act is sufficient to support a retaliation claim.

Law Of Employment in case law on the issue, and notes that the standard for retaliation at work is continuing to loosen. For instance, screaming and threats—even without any further adverse action—may be enough to constitute retaliation.  The simple temporal proximity of the adverse action to the protected conduct may be enough to get to trial, which is especially significant, as bad intent can often be very difficult to prove. Finally, the Federal Court recently found that you can now bring a claim for retaliation even if you are not the person engaged in protected conduct, provided you are associated with that person. In a recent case a worker who was terminated after his fiancé complained about sexual harassment had a claim for retaliation at work even though he made no complaint himself.

Employees too often feel powerless to challenge hostile work environments, harassment, bullying or the failure to pay overtime. Workers understandably fear being cast into a difficult job market, and conclude that the devil they know is better than the devil they don’t. An extensive legal framework exists, however, to protect employees against the very retaliation they might fear, and a deeper understanding of those protections may make employees more comfortable standing up to abusive practices.

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